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How much do you think, it would cost you per person to travel to Tirupati?6000? 8000? 10000? What if I say you can go to this pilgrim center in just a budget of 3000–4000 per person for 2–3 days? (inclusive of the train tickets)

Can’t believe that this is possible right. So let me tell you how one can do this.

If you travel by train in a sleeper class, it costs you around an average of Rs1100 if you are a South Indian, and an average of 1800 if you are from North India to book a round trip. Once we get down in the city of Tirupati, It hardly costs you around Rs500–1000/- for 3D 2N days of the trip.

Day 1:

Once we reach out of the railway station, we can find the TTD Guesthouses. To get hassle-free accommodation, I recommend you book your room before your journey. In general, the room bookings will be open 3 months ahead and all the online quota rooms will be booked in just 18–36 hours, you can book your room with TTD by clicking here. We can also get the rooms if we made a sudden plan, but the availability purely depends on your luck. The room starts from Rs200/-. So, I suggest you to plan before 3 months if you can. Make a note that the TTD rooms will not be given to a single person. If you can’t find any room there, you can try booking with private hotels. I have found some hotels which are at a reasonable price within a walkable distance from the guesthouse, we have Govindaraja Swamy temple, Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy temple, Sri Venkateswara Museum on temple Art, and many more. After visiting all of the by walk, you can reach home and take some rest. In the walkable distance from the guesthouse, we have Govindaraja Swamy temple, Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy temple, Sri Venkateswara Museum on temple Art, and many more. After visiting all of the by walk, you can reach home and take some rest.

Also, Local temple tours are conducted by AP Tourism at the frequency of 1 hour from 07:00 am to 01:00 pm from Srinivasam Complex opposite to APSRTC Central Bus Station, Tirupati and at a frequency of 2 hours from 07:00 am to 01:00 pm (4 trips) from Vishnu Nivasam Complex opposite railway station, Tirupati. They cover the following temples.


 Note :

AC: 150/- , Non AC:100/- for adults (which includes a special darshan)

Below 10 years no ticket. 6 Trips per day (approx), Timings: 6AM to 1 PM.

      *Fare may vary from time to time.

Day 1 expenses: (Approx)

Room: 200/-
Breakfast: Rs 20/- (Tiffin)
Lunch: Rs 50/- (Meals)
Dinner: 20/- (Tiffin)
TOTAL of Rs 290/- on day1

Day 2:

We have two ways to reach Tirumala, either by steps from Alipiri or by talking bus. Generally, I prefer taking steps from Alipiri whenever I personally travel to Tirupati. From the guesthouse to reach Alipiri autorickshaw charges us around Rs50/-. We need to climb a total of 3500 steps from Alipiri to reach Tirumala. We can also take the bus if we want to which charges around Rs160/- per gear to and fro. For food, it can cost around 80–100 while taking steps. The way is full of forest. We also can see a deer park on the way. We need to walk on the road in between for 3kms. Once we reach Tirumala, we will be so tired as we are not habituated to walk on 3500+ steps in a single day. After we reaching Tirumala, we can get a room by going to the CRO office and the rooms start from Rs50/- per day. We can also book them in prior too which makes getting room so easily. If not we need to wait in queue for 2–4 hours depending on the no of pilgrims. Such a long walk on steps will obvious make us feel so tired and weak. On the way, we can also get free darshan tickets with 2 free laddu prasadam and 3 paid laddus. With food, TTD has a free anna prasadam program, where they cook and serve more than 150k devotees every day. There is no waiting for food here. We reach room and take rest if needed or else we have many temple and parks to visit on the Tirumala hill. We also have a free bus facility called Dharmaradham to travel on the hill provided by the devasthanam.

Day 2 expenses: (Approx)

Breakfast: Rs 20/- (Tiffin)
Bus: Rs160/- (If not steps, two-way ticket)
Food: Rs80/- (If taken Steps)
Room: Rs50/-
TOTAL of Rs 230/- on day2 (Either BUS OR STEPS)

Day 3:

The day with less than an expenditure less than Rs100/-. Early in the morning take bath, rinse your hair with some shampoo. Make sure you a traditional dress to avoid extra expenses buying one while entering the temple as it must maintain in the temple. Always be 1 hour before the given darshan time to be on the safe side. Make sure you visit Varahaswamy Temple before the Lord Venkateswara temple. Once done with darshan, don’t forget to collect the laddu prasadam. We can get free anna prasadam almost from 10:00 am — 10:30 pm with an hour break in between. We can also find food being supplied to pilgrims at specific spots. If you want to go and visit the local sightseeing, the taxi will cost you around Rs250/- per person in sharing(optional). After the Darshana, we can take the bus to Tirupati. The Ghat road journey takes around 1hor to reach the bus station. From there to reach the railway station auto charges you around Rs30/- or else you even go on foot as it is just half a kilometer away.

Day 3 expenses: (Approx)

Bus: Rs80/- (One side ticket)
Auto: Rs30/- (only if needed)
TOTAL of Rs 110/- on day3

Total expenses:

For a trip plan of 3D and 2N, it might cost you around Rs 630/-. Surprising right. But this is true. If you can the way I have said, you can make an easy and comfortable trip in less than Rs1000/-. With the train charges included, it should not cost you more than Rs3000/-.

For any queries, you can reach TTD 24X7 support desk on 1800 425 4141.

I wish you a very happy journey to Tirupati and many the blessing of Lord Venkateswara be showed on you and your family. — SastaTraveller

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